watch Ariza Episode 29 With English Subtitles online; Ali Riza EP29 Eng Subs Full HD is a taxi driver and doing preparation for marrying his sister Nihan to his dear friend. On the other hand, Halide Gurkan attends the magnificent invitation given by Fuat Ersoylu ... watch and download video  Ariza Episode 29 With English Subtitles full episodes online
Year: 2020
Genre: Action / Drama
Actors: Dzhankat Aydos, Yeshim Gul Akshar, Dilara Aksyuek, Pinar Chaglar Genchturk, Levent Jan, Murat Daltaban, Javit Chetin Guner, Yagizjan Konyali, Ali Riza Kubilay, Yeshim Salkim

Ariza serial with english subtitles

will show an amazing story of great love between a simple and modest guy named Ali Ryze 29 and a charming girl Khalide. Ali was born into an ordinary and not wealthy family, but at the same time very decent and exemplary. Parents sought to give a good upbringing to their son and believed that he worked as a taxi driver. Ali has a persistent, courageous and very restrained character. He can be considered a real man who is always ready to stand up for people close to him. Only in fact, none of the relatives even suspected that the guy had a dark side. The protagonist of the Turkish TV series "Ariza 29 English" with English subtitles, is fighting against mafia figures; as well as gun barons and drug dealers. For this reason; each time he has even more enemies and these are the people who the guy prevents from doing dark affairs. One day, Ali meets a very sweet girl Khalida on his way and falls in love with her at first sight. Only a young lady was the daughter of a very influential mafia. Her family makes their living by working in the illegal arms trade. Khalide herself works as a doctor and always approaches her professional duties with great responsibility.

arıza 29 bölüm English Subtitles online

Until a certain moment, the hero of the video of Turkish TV series "Ariza 28", which can be watched online with English subtitles; will not suspect that the father of his beloved is connected with the criminal world. Ali has his own credo, and he is used to acting only as his heart tells him. Sometimes he behaves too harshly and can even commit rash actions, which ultimately leads to constant incidents. There are many things that Ali from the Turkish TV series "Defect" has to deal with in his life and they contradict his own beliefs. Despite this, the guy seeks to fight this with all his might.